For more than 145 years, the Mary Culver Home has been a haven for women with vision loss. It started as a residence for young women graduating from the Missouri School for the Blind. Their overriding interest at the time, was to live independently from their families. With advances in medicine and changing demographics, the home has evolved into a cozy not-for-profit nursing home for older women. The primary admission criteria remain the same—the home is for women only and they must have an eye condition that could lead to vision loss or be legally blind.

Professional caregivers at the Mary Culver Home provide all-inclusive care for a reasonable monthly fee, and most women choose to stay with us for life.  Because of its small size, the home is home in the truest sense of the word. Each staff member knows each resident by name, as well as the family members and friends who visit. The intimacy fosters an environment where the happiness of residents is as important as their physical well-being. Like their predecessors in 1866, the Mary Culver ladies of today assert their independence by exercising preferences for everything from schedules to activities, meals, and entertainment.